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'Feuillages modernes et fleurs' vase, 1925
'Feuillages modernes et fleurs' vase, 1925

Gabriel Argy-Rousseau Argy-Rousseau, Gabriel, Paris

Gabriel Argy-Rousseau. 'Feuillages modernes et fleurs' vase, 1925. H. 22 cm. Pâte de verre, translucid batch, green and blue powder inclusions, leaves and flowers. Signed: G. ARGY-ROUSSEAU.

Very well preserved.

Hammer Price: 4,000 €

126 - Art Nouveau - Art Deco
10. May 2016 at 10:15 AM


Provenance: Private collection Munich. Bloch-Dermant, G. Argy-Rousseau, Paris 1990, p. 204, no. 25,03, p. 146 f. photograph of Argy-Rousseau in his study, the vase standing on a table in front of him.