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'Fleurs de pommier' vase, 1906

Daum Frères, Nancy. 'Fleurs de pommier' vase, 1906. H. 22.5 cm. Cased glass, clear, pale yellow and pale blue powder inclusions, polychromatic enamel fusions (vitrifications), green, dark grey, pink and white. Multiply etched pattern. Heath with grass and umbels, three apple trees in bloom in front of a clear blue sky, rough ground. Signed: Daum Nancy, cross of Lorraine.

Impeccable original condition.

Hammer Price: 13,500 €

120 - Art Nouveau - Art Deco
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Cf. Daum, Daum maîtres verriers, Lausanne 1980, p. 58; Ricke/Schmitt, Glassammlung Gerda Koepff, Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf, 1998, p. 246, facsimile sample plate, no. 2832.