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'Rose de France' vase with dedication
'Rose de France' vase with dedication

Gallé, Emile, Nancy

Emile Gallé, Nancy. 'Rose de France' vase with personal dedication to Gallés daughter Thérèse, 28 December 1901. Flattened body with straight rim. H. 11.9 cm. Cased glass, clear, pale green, yellowish and amber. Front: whole pattern applied, pink rose with green leaves, stem and leaves mauve. So-called 'Sculpture de verre'. Worked with the wheel, some leaves contoured and engraved. In the background sketched wooded landscape. Signed: Emile Gallé, dedication: Thérèse Le 28 décembre 1901 (engraved).

Provenance: Gallé family. This vase seems to have been the first vessel on which that pattern was used.

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The Rose motif plays a major part in the life and work of Emile Gallé. In his 'Ecrits pour l'Art', published in 1908, he dedicates some lines inspired by Pierre de Ronsard's 'Ode à Cassandre' to the Rose, symbol of beauty and transience (quote: Klesse/Mayr, coll. Funke-Kaiser, p. XLII). He was a member of the Société d'Horticulture de Nancy since its foundation in 1877. In 1902, Gallé created the 'Roses de France' goblet (Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy) inscribed with a dedication to the chairman of the society, Jules Léon Simon, author of the book 'Nomenclature de tous les noms de Roses'. Another goblet was exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1902 (Duncan, The Paris Salons, vol. IV, Woodbridge 1998, p. 218, it seems to be today in the coll. Funke-Kaiser at Kunstgewerbemuseum Cologne, no. 195). Due to the success of these goblets, Gallé created more 'Rose de France' vases and flacons, cf. Hilschenz-Mlynek/Ricke, coll. Hentrich, no. 306; further examples: Grover, Carved & decorated European glass, Vermont 1970, no. 304; Bloch-Dermant, l'Art du verre en France, Lausanne 1974, p. 104 (Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy); Cappa, L'Europe de l'Art Verrier, Liège 1991, no. 354; exhib. cat. Emile Gallé et le verre, Nancy 2004, no. 305.