Lot: 802

Unique vase, 2002

Yoichi Ohira Serena, Livio, Murano; Barbini, Giacomo, Murano

Cylindrical shape with rounded shoulders and stand. H. 21 cm. Execution: Livio Serena; Giacomo Barbini. Cased glass, clear with fused rectangular murrins in white, ribbons in red and dark violet, as well as various oxide and powder inclusions in blue, green and avventurine. Marked on the bottom: Yoichi Ohira m ° L. Serena m ° G. Barbini 1/1 unico Wednesday 06-11-2002, Japanese characters (engraved and pigmented).

Hammer Price: 18,000 €

152C - Murano Glass
24. September 2020 at 3:00 PM