Author Jewellery

Important jewellery of the 20th Century


On the 4th of December of this year, following the success of the first author jewellery auction, Quittenbaum once again offers outstanding pieces from several collections. With this year's selection, Quittenbaum celebrates the various trends of author and artist jewellery. In addition to precious materials such as gold, silver and gemstones, works from wood, paper and plastic come into focus.

The offer is led by well-known representatives of the German author jewellery. Pieces by Klaus Ullrich, Jens-Rüdiger Lorenzen, Gerd Rothmann and Karl-Heinz Reister, from the 60s and 70s, present the great interest in complex surface structures. The sculptors E.R. Nele and Claus Bury know how to turn their art into small format. Their jewellery pieces seem almost sculptural.

The chapter of pieces from the collection Mieke and Jan Teunen is a tribute to the 80s. Works by Herman Hermsen and Emmy van Leersum play with graphic minimalism and bright colors. The offer is complemented with pieces by Gijs Bakker and Ted Noten, which come from a Belgian private collection.

One of the highlights of works from Italy is Piergiuliano Reveane’s complex constructed necklace. Rings by Arnaldo Pomodoro and Edival Ramosa, created for the GEM brand by GianCarlo Montebello, continue the series of extraordinary works. Jewellery pieces by international manufacturers and artists complete the offer.

This auction is not only a selection of works for collectors and connoisseurs. It also offers art and design lovers the entry into the world of author jewellery.