Dear Buyer,

you will receive a shipping form by email where you are requested to state if you are picking up the items yourself, are employing a shipper of your own, or wish to have your items shipped by M2Logistik. M2Logistik is our specialist art shipper partner. The form can be returned to us by e-mail, fax or post and can be found here: Shipping form PDF

If you indicate that you would like to use M2Logistik, we will assume your consent for the disclosure of your address data and will pass these on to M2Logistik. M2Logistik will calculate the shipping charges and send you an offer. We shall continue to package items ourselves with great care at our premises in Theresienstrasse, Munich.

Please send us your written shipping instruction immediately after receipt of invoice, no later than ten business days after the auction. Due to our limited storage capacity, any auctioned items not yet shipped upon expiry of this period will be warehoused by M2Logistik at a charge to the buyer.   Yours faithfully,

Askan Quittenbaum