Riemerschmid, Richard (1868 - 1950) and his chairs for the household of the painter Wilhelm Otto in Bremen

Like hardly any other German artist, Richard Riemerschmid determined the design of living environment and interior in the first decades of the 20th century. He initially had studied painting under Gabriel von Hackl. "Out of necessity", the young painter turned to designing furniture and interiors. He was fascinated by the aesthetics of the English arts and crafts movement, as he saw them in the English interior magazine "The Studio". Since he could not find this type of furniture on the domestic market, he began to design pieces for his own apartment in 1895. Later he would distance himself from these first attempts. However, highlighting construction and material remained a characteristic feature of his furniture designs. In order to be able to produce and sell products and furniture of a new, modern style and elegant simplicity, Riemerschmid, Walter Obrist, Bruno Paul, Bernhard Pankok and others founded the Vereinigte Werkstätten für Kunst im Handwerk in Munich in 1898.

Riemerschmid's clients at the beginning of his career included industrialists and doctors as well as artists and cultural workers. One of them was Wilhelm Otto from Oldenburg. The landscape painter was best known for his participation in the Oldenburg exhibitions in 1893-95. Since 1890 he directed his own painting school in Bremen. In 1904 he was one of the founding members of the "Association for Lower Saxony Folklore". The area of ​​influence of the association included East Frisia, Oldenburg and Lauenburg. In addition to him, the 25 active members of the association included Hans von Ende, Otto Modersohn, Heinrich Vogeler and Walter Magnussen.

Richard Riemerschmid's design for the painter's living room is listed under catalogue number 66 in the catalogue raisonné, published by Winfried Nerdinger in 1982. "Otto had the salon designed by B. Paul, the dining room by B. Pankok and the living room by Riemerschmid. He undoubtedly had the most modern German home furnishings of his time." Riemerschmids furniture is referred to here as a preliminary stage for the famous music salon from 1899.

The chairs offered in the auction stand on four slightly curved legs, the angled armrests and the curved backrest follow the ergonomic principles. The seat upholstery also ensures comfort. The four copies offered by us are largely original, conservatively revised, preserved. They are offered for an estimated € 4,000 - 5,000.

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