Lot: 24

Hayno Focken
Ceiling light, c. 1930

Hayno Focken Focken, Hayno, Lahr

H. 65 cm, D. 44.5 cm. Tubular brass, sheet brass. Marked: workshop signet (embossed).

Hayno Focken's ceiling light is impressive with its combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern clarity. The silversmith and metalworker became known primarily through the manufacture of articles of daily use such as bowls and jugs. This design thus is a special feature of his oeuvre. His studies at the art academy in Berlin, which he began in 1924, were an exciting stage in his career, especially with regard to the later manufacture of the ceiling light. Focken simultaneously worked at Max Krüger's lighting factory, where Karl Raichle had already started his career before him. Despite the singularity of a lighting design within Focken's work, the material used for it establishes the connection to his other work. Brass plays a key role not only in this, but in a large number of the silversmiths’ designs.

Estimate: 12,000 € - 15,000 €

157A - Bauhaus 102
29. June 2021 at 3:00 PM