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Erico Nagai (1947 Tokyo - lives in Munich)
Brooch and earrings, 1992

Erico Nagai

Silver, gold. Earrings 13 grams each, brooch 29 grams, brooch 69 x 35 mm; Earrings 39 x 31 mm each. Signed: artist's mark, numbering (embossed and engraved).

On the occasion of a book presentation in 1992, Nagai made a sphere for the first time, which she then cut up and made jewelry from the pieces. Over the years, more spheres were created.

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157D - Author's Jewelry with selected works of the Hermann Jünger Collection
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Nagai, Erico (ed.): Schmuck 1975-1997, Graz 1997, p. 68f.